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Burnaby, New Westminster & Tri-Cities, BC

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Burnaby, New Westminster & Tri-Cities, BC

Locally owned and operated


Merry Maids Burnaby cleaning questions? We have the answers

Cleaning FAQs: Learn how we can help you

Merry Maids cleaning is the result of more than 40 years’ experience. In that time, we’ve been faced with many frequently asked questions about our Burnaby maid service. Carry on reading to understand how the Merry Maids cleaning experience can work for you. Alternatively, you could just give us a call to get started

The best way to determine the cost of Merry Maids Burnaby cleaning your home is through a free in-home consultation. If that is not possible, you can also call your local office and provide them with a description of your home and areas requiring cleaning. Though the estimate won’t be fully accurate, it should give you an approximate idea of the costs, which we can confirm upon our arrival. Every home is different, and we must take into account variables like clutter, pets, and lifestyle, which can all impact your price.

For sure. Our Cleaning Services section features a wide range of cleaning options designed to suit most peoples’ needs. If you see something that suits you, great! If not, don’t forget that we can customize any of our services based on your unique preferences. This way, you get the most out of our cleaning services. Give us a call to discuss a custom cleaning just for you.

Yes we do. We bring all of the tools to complete the job in the most efficient, thorough and professional way possible. We prioritize the cleanliness of your home by using proprietary cleaning solutions that avoid chemicals while adopting a systematic approach to home cleaning. Our Merry Maids branded, specially formulated and green certified cleaning products provide high levels of cleaning and sanitation that are completely fit for the task at hand. Rest assured these products are both safe and effective for any home surface standing in the way of our team. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. That’s why we use colour coded microfiber cloths to remove any possible chance of cross-contamination from one room to the next. This systematic approach is the most productive method in achieving the results you deserve.

For an extra layer of reassurance, our specialized cleaning products all meet and exceed the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label certification. In other words, our vacuums are finely tuned to effectively remove dust and dirt, improving your home’s overall cleanliness. We have the utmost respect for your home and treat it as such when you hand us the key.

Essentially, it all comes down to you. Merry Maids Burnaby can clean your home at a frequency that best suits your lifestyle, including weekly, biweekly, monthly, or just one time. Visit our Cleaning Services section to find out how regularly we can clean your home.

Typically, 1-2 maids will be scheduled to clean your home depending on the demand for the day. In some circumstances, for example if a home is particularly large or if you need a fast cleaning before an event, we may send 3 maids to get the job done quicker. We always consult with you and would be happy to let you know how many maids will be in your home during your FREE in-home cleaning consultation. We understand that your space is private and respect the trust you place in us by inviting us into your home.

Merry Maids always tries to be consistent every time we perform a cleaning of your home. We will always aim to have the same team member(s) return but sometimes another cleaning may call for one maid to be elsewhere. We ensure any details you may have requested will be taken care of.

To increase your chances of requesting a specific time for a cleaning, it’s advisable to sign up for an early morning or late afternoon cleaning service. Traffic delays happen so by not scheduling your cleaning around rush hour, this can help us arrive at a time convenient for all. Should you prefer to have us perform a cleaning around midday, we’ll provide you with our estimated time of arrival.

Cleaning homes for over 40 years, Merry Maids Burnaby is an established company delivering efficient, thorough and professional cleaning services. This is the way it’s always been. It begins by quoting your home based on its cleaning needs established during our FREE in-home cleaning consultation. Hourly rates aren’t for us. Instead, we let the details do the talking and only estimate once we’ve customized a cleaning plan that best suits you.

Our consultation also provides you a chance to ask any questions while providing us an important sneak peek at the task at hand. We provide quality customer service from the moment you contact us right through to completing the job. Merry Maids has offices around the globe with each and every one committed to providing the best possible cleaning experience for our customers.

Just give our office a call. Anyone on-site would be happy to make any necessary changes to your service as needed. If you’re looking to upgrade or make a permanent change, you may be put in contact with someone in the sales department to make account changes.

Visit our Purchase Gift Card section to find the gift card you’ve been looking for! The price is up to you.

While the amount is up to you, it really does depend on the person who is receiving the card. If you have some time, feel free to give us a call and fill in a couple details so we can recommend an amount that would be best suited to the recipient.